Our recommended tools to help your business

We understand that as a new business you may not necessarily want to pay for the services of a creative design studio like ourselves. That is why we put together this page of resources.

On this page you’ll find a list of various resources that we have personally used and feel confident to recommend. From purchasing your first domain name to managing your social media, we are trying to create a go to resource to help get your business moving.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more valuable content overtime.

N.B. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links meaning we get a very small commission if you use any of their services. There is no extra cost to yourselves.

Domain Name Registrars

Securing domain names is extremely important when it comes to business. Not getting the right domain name can affect whether or not potential clients and customers find your website easily. The key to a good domain name is to ensure that it is relatively simple yet represents your business. We always advise our customers to buy both .com and addresses, especially if you’re in the UK or looking to do business in the UK, but as many as you can afford. The following domain registrars highly recommended and are used by ourselves when registering personal domain names, as well as the domain names of behalf of our clients.

Hosting Providers

The following is a list of our top-rated web hosting service providers. Whether you’re looking to host a website for your small business or a larger enterprise, there are many suitable options below. We have personally tried and tested these hosting providers for our own personal projects, and also our clients projects. Be sure to check each provider to see if it suits your individual need.


WordPress Themes

We understand you do not necessarily want to pay a web design company such as ourselves to create a website that looks amazing. Whether its budgetary restraints or you are simply experimenting looks, sometimes it is okay to use a theme. If you do end up using a template for your WordPress website, then we personally recommend the companies below. They are premium theme companies, however, you really do get what you pay for these guys.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the greatest marketing asset for your business so start building your list now!  Unlike social media, emails gives you a direct ‘in’ into your potential clients inbox which is a very valuable tool. Throw a small signup form in a great spot on your website and start collecting email addresses. We personally use Mailchimp. They allow you to email your first 2000 subscribers for free which is pretty awesome.

Teach Yourself


No matter what your business, Whether you’re selling tuxedos or your accounting services, if you’re running a business that has online presence sometimes it helps to do little coding. Knowing some limited code can help to save on web developers fees if you need to make minor adjustments. Treehouse learning teaches you various coding languages, from basic and simple through to complex Coding languages (they’ll probably not need), and it does it in a very simple user-friendly way.
No Risk, No Contracts! - Learn coding, Web Design and More!

Project Management



Whether your looking to manage a project you’re undertaking yourself or your looking to manage a project with multiple remote workers, it’s not always easy. TeamWork helps you to manage your projects, keep track of various aspects and generally keep things moving smoothly. Less time making every aspect of a project flow together means more time creating a great product. Try TeamWork for free..


Direct Debit





In the past, setting up Direct Debit services for small businesses have been expensive.  The likes of FastPay and EazyCollect charged around £500-800 to setup your account, now there is an alternative.  GoCardless is an all-online Direct Debit service without the startup overheads.  They take just 1% fee on all your transactions (capped at £2), no start up cost and no hidden charges – extremely affordable and very simple to use, for you – and your customers.

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