Hello and welcome with Chips & Gravy Studios 2.0!

As with any startup it’s been a rocky year (and a bit) at here at Chips & Gravy Studios. They’re have been tears and tantrums with getting “my little studio” of the ground. What started over a year ago as a twosome became a solo project and then, after a little struggle, soon blossomed into a busy little company and i’m grateful to every client who took a chance on this little fledgling studio. As with every new business there is the chance that you won’t make it past the difficult first year but we’re still here – and very happy about that!

From the start there has always been a well defined plan for Chips & Gravy Studios and some aspects of the plan are still to come but i always knew after the first year i would refresh the site. One of the key components to phase 2 are our packages. Every business is different and of course some companies still require bespoke services but i know there are many a business that’s looking for an off the shelf product. Something that does exactly what it says on the tin. Which is why we’re now offering a series of packages on our Packages page. For now there are just a few options but over the next couple of weeks we’ll be offering more and more packages.

Then there is of course this blog. I love reading blogs. Whether it’s a corporate blog or a personal blog i like the level on intimacy you get from them so i thought “why not” and added our own blog. Amidst the sea of self-promotional i’ll be writing i also want to help people in my position. Any new business is daunting. There’s so much to remember and to do and to know that it can seem like swimming in a sea of treacle. But if i can help to alleviate some stress with ‘how to’s’ and words of advice through a blog, then why shouldn’t I. So keep an eye on this blog and our twitter account for new posts.