Your brand is a representation of your business or organisation’s core values and aspirations. It’s the basis for all your visual communications and needs to perform effectively. Chips & Gravy Studios can help to develop your branding so that it speaks clearly to your target audience, ensuring your one step ahead of your competitors and increasing awareness, desirability, and most importantly, sales of your products or services.

Logo Design

Your logo showcases your business to the world and is often the first thing that people will see, whether it be on your website, business cards or social media channels, so having a visually impacting logo is crucial, and this impression could mean the difference between gaining or losing new customers, social media followers and business associates.

Chips & Gravy Studios can craft your new logo, whether for your new business or or you existing companies re-brand from as little as £100.  Check out our portfolio of work and contact us for more information on the form below


Business Card Design

Business cards are as important now as they’ve ever been. Having a business card that stands out at networking events is a sure way to be remembered by potential clients. We’ll design the perfect business card to complement your brand, whether you’re looking for a classic looking, corporate business card or something will a little…bang.

And we won’t stop there. We’ll also give you a free, no obligation quote for the printing of your business cards, as well as advise you on important factors for the end product including materials and paper weight.


Brand Development

Whether you’re an existing, established business or a fledging startup, here at Chips & Gravy Studios we understand just how important it is to develop good branding from your website to your stationary. We’ll work closely with you to create branding around your organisation’s goals, tone and target audience so that your branding represents you perfectly.

We can also issue you with a PDF brochure containing your Branding Guidelines as a quick reference tool that can be used company wide to ensure  complete uniformity in style and formatting wherever your branding is used.


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