Twitter has definitely transformed the way businesses are responding to customers, reaching new audience, offering new products and services and even converting followers and visitors into buying customers. If your business is not already on Twitter, chances are you’re missing out and will be crushed by competition in no time. Here are five reasons why you should be using Twitter for your company.

Get Connected

The main reason anyone should use Twitter for their business is to connect with customers. You are able to connect with almost every customer due to the simple fact that they are also on twitter and probably using it for all their communication and interactions, both with friends and other businesses. Most people check their feeds at multiple times during the day just to stay in the loop of what the accounts they’re following. Chances are if there is a customer that is angry with your business or a happy one, you will hear him or her on Twitter.

Monitoring competition

Every business always wants to know how its competition is doing and what it’s up to. This is one of the most important reasons why anyone with a business needs to use Twitter today. Twitter gives you a chance to use its search for free to spy on competition and learn a lot of things about your competitor. You can see what customers are saying about your competition and exactly what the competition is doing concerning their complaints, if any. You can then approach these customers with solutions the competition has refused to provide, connecting with them further. It’s also worth checking out the feed of a couple of companies you admire, whether they are providing a similar business to you or not, just to see how they interact with their followers.

Viral nature of Twitter

In case you have some popularity on Twitter you might understand the viral nature of twitter today. Big brands such as Nestle, Nike and Dell for instance, has been able to transform tweets into viral content through their promotional messages on the social networking platform. If you can do the same, you will have a marketing strategy you can always rely on, today and in the future. One thing to consider is that it’s never easy to predict what will and won’t become viral – remember the blue and black/white and gold dress debacle?


The beauty of social media, especially Twitter, is that no business needs to have the budget of Starbucks, Nike, Coca Cola and Dell to market their product and build an audience. Twitter allows average businesses or individuals to brand themselves on Twitter with ease. For those whose companies or brands are not recognised, it’s very important to add a little personality to your tweets to show there is a person behind the keyboard.

Increase sales

You are on Twitter to gain a large audience, transform customers into brand loyal visitors as well as helping to convert curious individuals into buying customers. Twitter is a great tool to help increase sales and make a lot of profit in the process. Since the messages are really short, the coupon codes, discounts and deals shared on Twitter are acted upon directly by readers and even retweeted and shared on other platforms in more ways than you could even imagine. Many companies out there will testify that Twitter is the main source of their paying customers – including us!

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